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About me

Hi! I'm Emily, (or just Em) and my pronouns are they/them. Being a part of the LGBTQ community is an important part of what I do, and I'm passionate about inclusivity, and giving a voice to under represented groups. 

I started my career in the 'cutting room', as a junior editor, learning how to tell stories and grab peoples attention with music, strong visuals and a good, clear narrative. 


​I've since worked as an editor on a range of projects, from corporate promos for big brands, to television documentaries. I've edited programmes that have been broadcast on the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky, CNN, BT Sport, and was an on-site editor at two Olympic Games. My editing work has taken me around the world and I'm used to working fast on tight deadlines and making sure the final project gets delivered on time! 

Now I'm producing and directing content for clients, I've found that an understanding of the edit is an invaluable asset. Whether it's directing a camera crew, writing scripts or pitching ideas to a client, it gives me the ability to articulate exactly what I need to bring a concept to life (and then edit it myself!).

I've also been working a lot more with motion graphics and animation - collaborating with a range of other designers and illustrators to communicate ideas, without having to hire a crew and be on site (very handy during 2020 when almost all film work was restricted). 

Podcast editing has been a really lovely addition to my work recently too - it's a very familiar fit for a video editor used to tidying up interviews. But getting a chance to work with an in depth conversation has been a real pleasure.

I love what I do. It's a fascinating time to be in video and audio, watching the landscape of the industry change so quickly. When I started, video was still stored on tapes, and no one had heard  of a podcast. It's a very different world now, but one that has allowed me to edit on a laptop in a van on the route of the Olympic Torch Relay and now work remotely with freelancers in another country! I'm looking forward to seeing where the technology takes us next. 

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